Garden Irrigation service

The perfect solution for thirsty gardens

Standing for hours, watering the garden every day is a chore! To keep your plants in tip top condition, even when you’re away, a garden irrigation system is the perfect solution.

A drip feed irrigation system will ensure your garden plants flourish, your patio containers and pots are well-watered, your veggies are hydrated and your lawn looks green and lush even in the hottest weather.

Instead of getting the hosepipe or watering can out every day you can:

  • Set your timer to release water whenever you want; once, twice or more often each day and
  • Save water as the automated system uses far less water, but still keeps your plants well-hydrated (and their efficiency means they aren’t subject to hosepipe bans)
  • Water your garden, even when you’re away on holiday.

Each irrigation system is bespoke, designed to fit your particular garden. This means that each flexible pipe will be installed exactly where it’s needed (tucked away out of sight).

Your system will be designed using the right kind of irrigation for each area, to keep your garden green and your plants in good shape. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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