Garden Planting Plans

Creating colour, life and shape in your garden

A planting plan measures the area to be planted and is then drawn to scale, so you’ll know exactly how many plants to buy. This will save you time and money, ensuring you don’t buy a load of plants that won’t fit into your garden!

Your Planting Plan will include:

  • You'll get creative ideas featuring a range of plants that work perfectly together for all seasons in colour, size and shape, from popular choices to specialist plants.
  • A planting schedule to plan and place your plants
  • A document with photos of the plants and details of how they need to be maintained and when they flower.

This element is the second stage of the design process; it is optional and is priced separately. Soft landscaping can be used to soften the look of pathways, drives, trees and ponds, creating an extra dimension for visual impact. It includes working out which plants will look best where, and how they will complement each other.

There are many different planting styles from cottage gardens to prairie gardens, tropical borders to bog gardens and there are ways to use shapes, textures and colours to create different effects, soft pastels or vibrant shades.

Jane’s Garden Services have a combined knowledge of over 30 years of horticultural expertise, often sourcing unusual or specialist plants for a variety of customer requirements.

The Planting Plan is a hand drawn plan and will show exact positioning of the new plants. The botanical names will be clearly noted in line with the plant.

If you live in Essex or Suffolk and would like help planning your new garden, call 01787 210282 or send us an email.